Zairyl M. Dari, a 19 year old student from Lower Lumboy, Pagadian City, is overjoyed and extremely grateful to have been selected for the Workers Organization Development Program (WODP) Isabelo delos Reyes scholarship grant of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) 9.

The young lad comes from a working-class family. His mother works as a dishwasher at Springland Resort, while his father is employed as a clerk in the provincial government office. The family chanced upon the scholarship through Springland’s employees union of which his mother is a member.

Dreaming of making a difference in the world as a policeman, he saw college as his opportunity to do so. He enrolled as a first year student at Pagadian Capitol College (PCC) with a course on Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, which he felt would give him the tools necessary for helping people in difficult situations and in the long run, lift his family from poverty.

“The scholarship made a huge difference in my life. Having financial support enabled me to focus on achieving the best grades possible without worrying about how I was going to pay for school and cover my everyday expenses, such as housing and food costs.

When I received my 1st stipend, I bought school supplies and gave the rest to my parents to pay for food and bills,” Zairyl proudly shared.

This allowed him more time to really hone in his studies, join student activities that further enriched his education, while forming relationships with peers around campus which laid the groundwork for future career connections.

Additionally, receiving this financial aid provided Zairyl peace of mind knowing that even when funds were tight at home, he could always rely on the scholarship money to help financially get through challenging times associated with college. Ultimately by having this extra cushion it helped ensure he wouldn’t have any outliers due during or after graduating from college.

The WODP scholarship not only helped to lessen the financial burden of Zairyl’s parents, but also allowed him to fully dedicate himself to his studies. He was thankful for having enough funds available to support his educational needs and projects. Through this experience, he has been able to learn the true value of education.

“I feel fulfilled since I no longer ask money from my parents. Being a WODP scholar wasn’t a walk in the park all the time. I had to maintain my grades and comply with all requirements set by the school and the grant. However, being a scholar also taught me many things. These learning experiences not only taught me how to be a good and responsible student, but also transformed me to be a well-rounded citizen with a sense of purpose or mission in society,” the scholar said.

He hopes that the program will continue offering assistance to those in need, so they can also pursue their aspirations despite any challenges they might be facing.

Educational Grants is one of the components under the WODP which aims to provide educational opportunities to officers and members including their dependents for self-development, growth and be effective change agents in their organization and in their personal life. Through these educational grants, those eligible may aim for improved skill sets which could lead to greater job prospects and career advancement.
This incredible opportunity will undoubtedly provide a great platform from which Zairyl can develop his skills, knowledge and ambition in order to succeed academically and professionally. Receiving this scholarship has given him immense motivation to strive for excellence as he embarks on his educational journey. END/With reports from Michael Vincent Macrohon