Nurjiya Arasad Bayrang came from a humble background; her father passed away and her mother was a stay-at-home mom. This meant that money was tight for the family. Nurjiya had to be the breadwinner for her family, which was a lot of pressure for her. She was indecisive about whether to go to college or get a job to support her siblings and pay the bills. However, she persevered and finished college as PESO Isabela City opened new opportunities for her.

The challenges she faced didn’t put her on the edge to quit college. With the help of PESO, she was able to avail the SPES Program and was assigned to the office of the City General Service Office and City Human Resource Office in Isabela City. During her stint as a SPES grantee, she was able to gain intensive training and first-hand experience working in the government. She was immersed in administrative work while on field, she improved her skills in communication and interpersonal relationship with clients. Being a SPES Baby gave her a glimpse of a brighter future. She is now ready to land a job.

At 23 years old, this young lady from Timpul, Isabela City, Basilan is now an Administrative Associate at Megaworld Corporation in Taguig, Manila.

After graduation, she attended the employment coaching of the PESO to prepare her for the world of work. She is very thankful to the SPES Program of the Department of Labor and Employment and Employment Coaching of the PESO. It was through this that she gained valuable life experiences, more developed skills, and knowledge. This became her edge against other applicants during the screening period.

“Habang may buhay may pag-asa,” Nurjiya’s motto in life encourages her to strive more in life, and not to settle for less. That no matter how difficult life is, one must remain positive. END/With reports from ICFO