If it wasn’t for her friend who persuaded her to send in an application for SPES, Sheendy J. Montilla would have walked a different path than she did today.

In her first year in JH Cerilles State College Extension Campus, Sheendy learned that the local government unit of San Pablo implemented the SPES program and were actively looking for beneficiaries. At first, she was hesitant in applying for the program but a friend urged her to try her luck. And luck was indeed on her side, she was hired in the same year.

“Meeting the head of the department as well as the other government employees where I was assigned on my first day was difficult, however, those around me were really approachable and considerate to all the SPES Babies” she humbly reiterated.

Her first few days of duty allowed her to complete various clerical tasks. She loved that she learned something new every day. She believed that this experience contributed much to becoming a successful employee. This went on for another 2 years as she was readmitted to the program.

The stipend she received from SPES helped her pay all school expenses and mitigated the financial burden of her parents. However, in her fourth year, her application was called off and denied. Sheendy was disheartened. This setback didn’t deter her from continuing her studies.

After the 1st semester, she was informed that she will be readmitted to the program as a replacement for a beneficiary who backed out. This motivated her more to reach for her dreams of becoming a teacher.

The hardworking SPES baby is now a Licensed Professional Teacher and currently holds the position of Community Affairs Assistant II / PESO Assistant in LGU San Pablo. Her job entails engaging with government agencies for implementation of employment programs and services.

“The SPES program has been a great help to me in my career development. The people behind the program have taught me a lot about being a young public servant and how to become excellent in every aspect of my job. I’ve also learned how to show respect, empathy, and reciprocity to everyone I interact with, thanks to SPES. I’m grateful for everything this program has done for me,” Sheendy said with much enthusiasm. END/With reports from DOLE-ZDSFO